pear body dresses

pear body dresses


Must-have for Indian wear at Work

Most sites give you a list of basic Western wardrobe that you can wear to work. Following is a list of Indian clothes that you can include in your work wardrobe:Untitled


  • A pair of Cigarette pants (straight narrow pants) in dark colors such as black, navy blue, grey, and brown. Replace your leggings (those ugly pants that hug your body at the wrong curves) with these ankle grazer, tailored pants to instantly elevate your office look.
  • Kurta with Chinese collar in solid neutral colors such as black, white, grey, brown and beige. These provide an authoritative attribute to your personality. “What about prints”, you ask? Restrict them to small-scale geometric prints.
  • Crepe Saree in solid colors with no border or a very minimalistic border. This fabric suits most body shapes, provides the necessary sheen, and is apt for most business settings. Do not wear sheer fabrics, and loud prints- you are at work and not at a wedding.
  • Collared saree blouse, since, a collar is absolutely necessary if you want to look authoritative at work. Experiment with different kinds of collars such as spread, mandarin, roll, and tape collars. Ensure that the back is not to deep or does not have fancy neck shapes. Conservative is the key to look most formal.
  • Duster jackets add layer to your clothing, give you a narrow centre front, and make your outfit interesting- effortlessly!
  • Stoles in medium-to heavy fabrics, and in all colors and prints. These make your outfit look fun, and break the monotony in neutral colored attires.
  • Peep-toed shoes in solid colors (neutral colors are the best unless you want to risk all the attention going to your feet with bright colored shoes) to complete your Indian business formal look. Do not wear open-toed sandals even if you have perfect pedicured nails. Pumps look great with kurtas but not with sarees.
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Indian Bridal Trousseau

SubstandardFullSizeRenderTraditionally, bridal trousseau meant all the paraphernalia that the bride would collect to furnish her new life as a wife. This would include clothes, accessories, linens, and kitchenware. The modern brides have revived this ritual to include exquisite clothes, romantic lingerie, designer jewelry and footwear, and limited edition china.

Today’s celebrity brides are driving other brides frenzy with their luxury packed trousseau. Trousseau is not all about silk underwear and designer labels. It has to be practical to your lifestyle and personal style, and must be of distinctive quality.


Below is a list of basic paraphernalia that I recommend to every Indian Bride:


  • A Traditional saree- Every auspicious occasion demands a traditional sari. Choose perennial colors and good quality so that it can be passed through generations. (Like my mother’s Benares sari that has got me a dozen compliments whenever I drape it.)
  • A Cocktail saree- for those nights that demand shimmer and sheen. One can dress up or dress down based on the occasion/event you are wearing it to. Pair it with a blouse in a flattering silhouette and you are sure to get some heads turned.
  • A Lucknowi-chikan suit: in silhouettes that accentuate your body shape for all events post-wedding. The lucknowi suit has stood the test of time over years and that is why it has to be part of your trousseau. Not only does it take you from brunches to throwback parties, but also, it is the answer to your wardrobe issue when you don’t know what to wear. It is versatile and adds a touch of royalty to always make you feel like a princess.
  • A long Desi skirt: that you can team with a gorgeous blouse and dupatta to rock the traditional look, or wear it with a tee to achieve a boho-chic look. Accessorize it right and you can wear this to a dandiya night or to a breezy romantic walk!
  • A Gold blouse: For all those times when you find a saree (whether bought or borrowed) and do not have an appropriate blouse, this gold blouse is sure to rescue you.
  • Lingerie: It is not a shy subject anymore. Invest in the right kind and right sized lingerie for that romantic honeymoon, strapless dresses, plunged necklines, sheer tunics, and active workouts.
  • Swimwear: choose a type according to your body shape. Whether you are just soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the pool, be prepared. Not having a swimsuit will be a ghastly mistake especially on your honeymoon! Throw in a good sarong, floppy hat, and flip-flops, to complete your beach holiday bag.
  • Jewelry- A traditional set of jewelry is a must in every bride’s wardrobe. They will always be in fashion and yet will always be authentic to you. If you want to indulge, include statement neckpieces and cocktail rings, and you will never have an excuse not to accessorize.
  • Stilettos: In bold colors – not only do they make you feel tall and sexy, but they also uplift any dull, boring outfit.
  • Indian jootis: Pair it with jeans for a contemporary look or with Indian outfits to complete the ethnic look. This multi-colored footwear will definitely brighten your outfit instantly, without tiring your feet.
  • Emergency kit: include a moisturizer, sunscreen, nail color remover (cause bare nails are better than nails with chipped nail color), intimate wipes, make-up remover wipes, powder, hairpins, safety pins, deodorant, and mints. Unlike a vanity kit that helps you on your makeover, this is a fix-it kit for all those emergencies that brides are seldom prepared for. Include this in your trousseau, and you will thank me later!