What to wear while Shopping

Ladies, it is that time of the year when shopping malls are brimming with people-some eager shoppers who are in a race for time and money, and a few window shoppers for whom it is a leisure activity to ‘just checkout’ the promotions.

Amongst the hustle bustle and the long queues to the trail room, our aim is to grab the best picks quickly and head to the nearest brew to celebrate the bargain!

To be able to shop quickly requires you to dress up appropriately.  Do not wear clothes that require a lot of effort in the trail room.

Here are a few dressing tips for a do at store sales:

  • Wear racerbacks (with shrug, if required) so that you do not spend too much time unbuttoning or buttoning your shirt. Also, racer-backs can double-up as camisoles when you are trying on anything with sheer fabrics.
  • Trousers/denims/skirts are preferred over dresses because you do not want to be spending time in the trial room imagining the complete look if you are trying on a blouse.
  • Simple and minimal accessories since chunky, heavy accessories can sometimes spoil the look of the garment you will be trying on.
  • Pump shoes with negligible heels  (save your feet from all the soreness) over sneakers and sandals, since you want to save the time while strapping your sandals or lacing up your shoes.
  • A large shopping bag to accommodate your bargains (saves plastic as well as the need to count the number of bags in the fear of losing one or two)

Lastly, pick things that you need and not what you want.


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