Valentine’s Day Look

This year, break away from the usual all-red or all-pink outfit for Valentine’s Day. Explore other colors of love – all pastel shades! However, if you are old school, you can incorporate the shades of red, or pink in your accessories. Fabric is also very important- satin, lace, and silks speak volumes when you want to express Love.


This outfit is ideal if you are heading out for a brunch with your friends, boyfriend or husband. The colors add just the right amount of softness to the day!




For dinner with your spouse or boyfriend, the LBD can never go wrong. Nothing spells sensuous more than lace. This outfit reveals just the right amount of skin to create curiosity, and an appetite post dinner!

Your hair and make up is as important as your outfit. Opt for a side-combed pony –tail for the day look and the classic bouffant for the night. Or simply choose to let your hair down! As of your make-up, choose a polished look over a loud one. If your skin tone allows, you can opt for bright shades of red or pink for your lips- after all it’s the lips that do all the talking!!!


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