Valentine’s Day Look

This year, break away from the usual all-red or all-pink outfit for Valentine’s Day. Explore other colors of love – all pastel shades! However, if you are old school, you can incorporate the shades of red, or pink in your accessories. Fabric is also very important- satin, lace, and silks speak volumes when you want to express Love.


This outfit is ideal if you are heading out for a brunch with your friends, boyfriend or husband. The colors add just the right amount of softness to the day!




For dinner with your spouse or boyfriend, the LBD can never go wrong. Nothing spells sensuous more than lace. This outfit reveals just the right amount of skin to create curiosity, and an appetite post dinner!

Your hair and make up is as important as your outfit. Opt for a side-combed pony –tail for the day look and the classic bouffant for the night. Or simply choose to let your hair down! As of your make-up, choose a polished look over a loud one. If your skin tone allows, you can opt for bright shades of red or pink for your lips- after all it’s the lips that do all the talking!!!


The Right Time to wear the Right Timepiece

Watches are now considered as jewels on the wrist. Gone are the days when watches would just be tools for time. It is now a social statement to adorn a watch. But, how many of us wear the right kind of watch for the right occasion? You might have a very expensive diving watch. But can you wear it to work? How many of us have seen women wearing   large dialed watches with a lot of bling to work? 

 It is essential to wear an appropriate watch that has a dial scaled to your wrist and a strap suited to the purpose. Following is a list of watches and the occasions you must wear them to:


Work wear (or for more formal environment): Wear dress watches with a simple dial (not digital) and dull gold, steel, or leather strap. Benefit of stainless steel is its neutrality. This is a watch you will be wearing the most and hence it is wise to invest in a watch. Restrict boyfriend dials, too many diamonds or cubic zirconia; it goes without saying that it’ll look over-the-top.   Nothing speaks sophistication more than modesty


For dressy occasions: Wear a watch with gold, platinum, black or white ceramic, or studded metal bands, and varying dial sizes (and yet restricting to medium sized dials) depending on the kind of occasion.  Match your neckpiece to the metal of your watch. If you are wearing a platinum neckpiece, do not wear a gold watch and vice versa. Restrict other wrist accessories (bracelets, bangles, etc.) if you are wearing a jewellery watch.  But, if you are wearing a very slim watch, you can pair it with a bracelet on the same wrist, to make it dressier.


For casual occasions: you can wear just about any kind of watch for this, the bright neon colored watches seem to be a rage right now. Keep other accessories minimal if you choose to wear these neon watches. The boyfriend watches can take you for brunches with friends to shopping, club hopping, etc. Also, colored ceramic watches look extremely trendy and chic. Broad leather band watches are another option to look casual and chic.

(Note: I am restricting sporty and digital watches for sports, fitness and extremely casual outings. Those in the fashion industry can wear any kind of timepiece- just make it work with the rest of your outfit.)

These days there are a great many choices of watches for women. Diamond watches are elegant for special occasions, but a ladies dress watch will work best if you are after something suitable for work days or office wear. Women’s watches that have fashion details can be teamed with your favorite outfits for a night on the town, while a digital watch is the perfect ladies watch for an active day out. As with any fashion items or accessories, the key to choosing the best watch for you is to consider the occasion or situation in which you will wear the watch, as well as your own individual sense of style.


What to wear while Shopping

Ladies, it is that time of the year when shopping malls are brimming with people-some eager shoppers who are in a race for time and money, and a few window shoppers for whom it is a leisure activity to ‘just checkout’ the promotions.

Amongst the hustle bustle and the long queues to the trail room, our aim is to grab the best picks quickly and head to the nearest brew to celebrate the bargain!

To be able to shop quickly requires you to dress up appropriately.  Do not wear clothes that require a lot of effort in the trail room.

Here are a few dressing tips for a do at store sales:

  • Wear racerbacks (with shrug, if required) so that you do not spend too much time unbuttoning or buttoning your shirt. Also, racer-backs can double-up as camisoles when you are trying on anything with sheer fabrics.
  • Trousers/denims/skirts are preferred over dresses because you do not want to be spending time in the trial room imagining the complete look if you are trying on a blouse.
  • Simple and minimal accessories since chunky, heavy accessories can sometimes spoil the look of the garment you will be trying on.
  • Pump shoes with negligible heels  (save your feet from all the soreness) over sneakers and sandals, since you want to save the time while strapping your sandals or lacing up your shoes.
  • A large shopping bag to accommodate your bargains (saves plastic as well as the need to count the number of bags in the fear of losing one or two)

Lastly, pick things that you need and not what you want.


Dressing at ease

Dressing at ease

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